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Cribbage Board Pegs

Cribbage Board Pegs

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Lost a peg or two? Or want a few back-ups just in case? No problem! These are custom made for the Kinshop original Travel Cribbage Board and the slightly larger At-Home Cribbage Board. Be sure to check the size of the board you currently have, as these pegs are not interchangeable between boards.

Details + Dimensions: 

// Travel cribbage board: 0.625” deep x 2.5” wide x 5” tall (closed), 10.5” tall (open)

// At-home cribbage board: 0.75” deep x 3.25” wide x 6.25” tall (closed), 13” tall (open)

// If you are ordering only pegs, use code PEGSSHIPFREE at checkout for free shipping

// Thanks for being a part of the Kinshop journey!

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Read the story behind our first ever Travel Cribbage Board here.

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This piece is cut from the side of a full grain hide. Leather is a natural material, and thus may show slight imperfections, markings, and variations. Additionally, this item was handmade by yours truly, so it is a one of a kind item. May it see a lifetime of use!