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Leather Conditioner

Leather Conditioner

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If your leather goods need a little lovin’, or you just want to have some on hand for the future, this is our favorite balm to use. All-natural with no toxic ingredients, Smith's Leather Balm is handmade from three effective ingredients: organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax and pure sweet almond oil. These ingredients work together to revive, nourish, and protect leather, keeping your items looking their best (and bringing new life into old pieces). A little goes a long way and the all-natural formulation can be safely applied by hand. Comes in a stamped cotton bag.


// organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax, organic pure sweet almond oil

// Handmade in Maine

// 1 ounce size

// Thanks for being a part of the Kinshop journey!

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This piece is cut from the side of a full grain hide. Leather is a natural material, and thus may show slight imperfections, markings, and variations. Additionally, this item was handmade by yours truly, so it is a one of a kind item. May it see a lifetime of use!