A word from Kinshop's founder, Sarah Mallory:

As the founder of Kinshop, I'm happy to welcome you to our community. Whether we've shared a river adventure down the Salmon or Colorado or you're joining me on this journey from afar, I'm thrilled to connect with you.

Kinshop is a small studio based out of Salmon, Idaho, the place that I call home. My creative work is a reflection of my background in design blended with my passion for living and working in wild places. My time spent floating on rivers, sleeping on boats under the stars, and exploring new places is a constant source of inspiration. The real joy in my work comes when I see my pieces out in the world, each with its own story to tell.

“Kinshop leather goods are intentionally designed and carefully crafted items that are meant to be used, bruised, and loved for years to come, each developing its own patina and personality reflective of its owner's lifestyle."

My design aesthetic tends toward the simple and minimal: with good design, less is more. Focusing on natural materials—namely, leather, wood and canvas—Kinshop utilizes traditional craft techniques in conjunction with modern design technologies to produce high quality items that are made to last.

I hope when you interact with your Kinshop goods, you see high quality pieces made by two, calloused, dye-stained hands. I hope you see the care and intention behind each unique piece. Most of all, I hope you see the unfolding story that each piece embodies, a story you will continue to write throughout the life of the product. 

Giving back with each purchase

Kinshop is excited to give back to their community and planet each year. We believe that small steps in the right direction can, and do, make a positive impact.

Each year we support a new, local non-profit. In 2024, 5% of all profits will go directly to Salmon Valley Stewardship in Salmon, Idaho. Their mission is "to promote a sustainable economy and productive working landscapes here in the Salmon River region of Central Idaho." Learn all about their work here.

I'm not sure if you know, but we're big fans of Idaho rivers and wilderness, which is why 10% of each purchase of the Frank Hat will go directly to Idaho Rivers United, a non-profit that "focuses on protecting and restoring the rivers and fisheries of Idaho." Check out their work here.

Shop the full collection of keep-worthy leather goods here and know that each purchase not only supports a handcrafted, woman-owned business, it's also going one step further to support our community and our planet.

Thanks for being a part of the journey.